Health and Wellness are two terms banded around a lot nowadays. Most people seem to embark on this wellness journey hoping to reach this superior physical and mental state. However, it is not the destination but the journey.  Given excellent marketing tactics and the plethora of social media stars purporting to have "reached" these enlightened states, how can us mere mortals ever hope to get there (without spending an arm and a leg!?)

Wellness has also become this silo-wed industry where there are isolated practices for your mind, body and spirit. In reality the division between your body and mind is so blurred that it is impossible to treat (or harm) one without impacting the other. 

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8 is my lucky number so here are my top 8 wellness tips that I live by everyday...

Lily's Wellness Tips

1. Give zero fuc*s

Relinquishing society's expectations and demands is liberating and fulfilling. Give yourself a tech detox as well!

2. Eat Real Food

Establish a diet that is organically rich and varied. Food is pleasure and experimenting with different types keeps our minds and bodies stimulated. Eat real plants and real animals that have not been altered from their natural state. Check out my 30 Days Wilde regime for some food inspiration.

A diet rich in organic vegetables supplemented with grass fed, organic meat is really bad for you
— Said no one ever

3. Become Fit for your environment

Being fit is defined as being "of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose". What is your purpose? If your purpose is to lay on the sofa all day, then fine, minimise your physical activity and lay on the sofa all day. My purpose is to go out into the world, enjoy all it has to offer without threatening my survival. Having defined my purpose I now know how I need to get "fit". I lift weights to get strong so I can explore remote places and be useful in case of an emergency. I condition my body for endurance so I can persevere when times get tough and trek those mountains. I have learned skills such as diving and free diving to expand the environments I can explore.

Figure out your purpose and get fit for it. 

4. Manage your stress

Adopting an Hakuna Matata attitude (like tip #1) can be difficult and it is a practice, but one we should master. Chronic stress can have the gravest consequences on our physical and emotional health. Diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers and depression are all linked to stress, and pretty much all illness is exacerbated by stress as your body cannot heal when you're living in 'fight or flight' mode as this suppresses our immune systems. 

Find your stress busters; daily walks, yoga, meditation, painting, nature...

5. connect with nature

Nature is not only a powerful stress buster it is something we are part of and cannot live without. The simple act of stepping outside each day and feeling the earth, sand, sea, water beneath your bare feet (a practice known as grounding) is incredibly healing and stimulating. Nature is now even used in hospitals, schools, prisons and offices to help people maintain that crucial bond with nature. Even an image of nature, particularly the ocean has shown to be very healing. Read more here about Our Nature Deficit

7. Play more and often

Approaching life with a fun and playful attitude sure does make everything much more enjoyable. The key to a long and fulfilling life is fun and it is one of the greatest pain relievers

8. Keep learning

It is strange that when you graduate from school or university that the things you learn decline, significantly. I recall learning something new everyday in school. I understand why people return to education as they get older, as you appreciate learning so much more! But learning doesn't have to be academic. I've set myself the task of learning new skills over the years, such as crochet, photography, videography and painting to name a few hobbies. Next on my list is the ukelele...

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