Green breakfast smoothie

green smoothie.jpg

Time to feeding   2 minutes

Feeds one wildeling

Smoothies are my way of getting a high dose of vitamins and minerals in one dose. This smoothie is packed full of goodness, from spirulina to cacao. All the good stuff down in one. 

I love the Creative Nature Spirulina, which comes straight from my beloved Hawaii (the best place to source spirulina) and the Barley Grass from New Zealand. The Dr Gaye blend contains 14 amazing raw ingredients, including moringa and reishi.



Throw all ingredients in a blender and mix it up real good!

Wilde Tips

  • You can start off using just spinach in place of the spirulina and barley grass if you want to become accustomed to a green smoothie
  • I grow wheatgrass at home, and when it is grown I juice the grass into an ice cube tray. Place one of the wheatgrass ice cubes into the mix above for an added mineral kick
  • Always keep a supply of berries in the freezer and blend with nut milk for an afternoon treat