What is an organic beauty product?

Organic products are those as close as possible to their unadulterated, natural state without human intervention i.e. grown with no chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers and produced in a way which does not require any nasty additional chemicals. The main reasons for using organic products are 1) nature got it right the first time and 2) our skin is our greatest barrier, yet it is permeable so it is likely that products applied are also absorbed, meaning they reach our blood stream, organs, brain, cells etc.

Different studies have shown that we expose our bodies to a staggering number of harsh chemicals everyday through our personal care regimes, and with a limited number of studies on the "cocktail effect(different chemicals having combined adverse effects either on humans or the environment) we have limited knowledge on the potential havoc these "cocktails" of harsh chemicals are wreaking within us.

  • A study by the Environmental Working Group found that " The average woman uses 12 products containing 168 unique ingredients every day. Men, on the other hand, use 6 products daily with 85 unique ingredients, on average".

What is the best solution?

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As someone who grew up with troubled skin, I can say I've tried it all. The best result I could have hoped for was when I started using oils on my face and body. Plant oils have a similar molecular structure to the skin's natural oils, meaning they are easily recognised and absorbed without clogging pores. 

My best advice would be to make your own oils, and no it is not as hard as it sounds. But if you would prefer to enjoy some products made by more experienced hands then I can recommend some lovely treats.

What I Use

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