Your home should be your natural oasis. I love growing things on my windowsill and being surrounded by plants. Whilst I may not always be very good at it (my basil seeds started to germinate and then rapidly died!) I always make an effort to make my home eco-friendly and resembling a natural oasis. 

This also includes ensuring my home is free from nasty chemicals and I make an effort to source environmentally friendly products ideally made by social enterprises who are doing more good beyond just selling great products.

Things to do to make your home an eco-conscious natural oasis

For London based friends check out Hetu (plastic free shop in Clapham) and Roots Delivery (plastic free delivery service in East, North and South London), who stock refillable home cleaning products. 

In addition to purchasing products, I also make my own! Feel free to peruse the blogs below for some helpful home DIY tips!



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We would love to see you turn your home into a natural oasis rainforest! Tag us @wildenest using #wilde4theworld :)