Hello I'm Lily :)

Hello I'm Lily :)

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I started WildeNest to share my knowledge and passion about eco-living. Former city worker and economist turned social impact business developer, I love all things to do with nature (the wilde). 

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Rediscover your wild side, living better for you and the planet
— Lily

Goals of #30dayswilde:

  • Fall in love with food

  • Learn about all the weird, wonderful and delicious foods our world has to offer

  • Discover the best of nature


The #30dayswilde challenge is about reconnecting to nature through the food we eat. I'm not a fan of labels which society likes to impose on us, but to give you an idea this programme integrates raw food, veganism and paleo into a fun and playful foodie experiment to broaden your horizons and tantalise your taste buds with the best of nature. 



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Before I commence on my paleo, primal 30 days here are a few simple steps I took to prepare. From sourcing an ethical farm to bugs, this is all about the paleo prep!

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I learned to snorkle in the Great Barrier Reef at only a few weeks old, and ever since the ocean has been very important to me.

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WildeNest brings the Wilderness to you
— Lily, Founder and CEO

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